Are ruining my life.

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Week One.


Good start.

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Off To a Rocky Start.

Not looking too good on the fantasy football home front. Uh oh.

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And just like that, summer is over for reals.


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Three Month Warning.

There are roughly 90 days left to this blog.


I’m anxious to see what the next three months will bring!

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Happy Birthday, Mom. And Mom.

I have one real mother, and one woman who I’ve always referred to as an Aunt who has always stood in as a second mother to me. Coincidentally, both were born on September 6th. And since I was too busy celebrating yesterday, I forgot to post this post.


I love you both!

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In My Favor

Sometimes, just sometimes, the fantasy football gods smile in your favor. In this case, nearly 30 points sat firmly on my opponent’s bench. I consider this karma for him drafting Mike Vick way too early leaving me with one of the worst QB situations since the 98 Eagles.


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I Think I’m All In On The Eagles.

My football teams go hand in hand. When the Philadelphia Eagles are flying high, typically my fantasy football teams mirror the efforts of the Birds. Last year, both of my teams took steps backwards. The Eagles chose to change things up by hiring the hottest coaching name on the market in Chip Kelly. Unfortunately for Diesel fans (yes, my fantasy football teams are named The Diesels), the coach and general manager haven’t gone anywhere but I’m hoping my draft selections this year do much better than last.

There are many reasons to be optimistic about the Eagles this year. For one, there is Chip Kelly, who if nothing else will employ a very fast and exciting offense all season. For two, the rest of the NFC East enters the season with just as many questions as the Eagles. Will RG3 remain healthy over the course of the season? Can the Giants recover from a shuffling offensive line in addition to injury woes of their own (Andre Brown, Victor Cruz)? And lastly, will the Cowboys actually win ten or more games in addition to a playoff game – something they haven’t quite gotten a handle on since the early 1990′s?

If winning 9 to 10 games is all it will take to win the division, then who is to say that Philly can’t get it done? There are questions at our QB position, but we all knew that going with Vick made all types of sense. If the Eagles suck, there’s your scapegoat. If they don’t, Chip will look like a genius. The defensive unit that Philly will trot out will surely be lackluster, but after years of “Wide 9″ and Juan Castillo, my gut says that these guys will force some turnovers and keep us in games. It’s nearly impossible that we’ll have as few amount of sacks and interceptions as last year not to mention that it would take some lightning-striking-the-same-thing-twice type odds that we’ll give away the ball as many times as last year.

I’m not predicting a Super Bowl victory just like I’m not predicting fantasy football championships from either of my teams, but I do know that this year will be a step in the right direction – which hopefully leads to something special.

why this is the eagles’ year.

(in absolutely no particular/sensical order)

Chip Kelly. More than anything else, we all knew that last year was Andy Reid’s last hurrah. Over a decade of success is and was much appreciated for our sad franchise, but it was more than obvious that our guys had simply given up on Big Red. Shoddy personnel decisions, like naming Juan “I’ve never coached defense” Castillo as our defensive co-ordinator is something I’ll surely never forget. I think Reid will do well in Kansas City, but it’s all about Chip in Philly these days. Everyone is excited to see The Chip Kelly Offense. Really, I’m just excited to see a different voice directing the Birds. Let’s just hope that voice is James Earl Jones-like and possesses the power to lead us to a championship sooner than later.

Michael Vick. Chip passed his first test in my eyes. If he had gone with Nick Foles over Vick, I would’ve really REALLY second guessed this guy. Nick Foles is okay. Foles can probably do a good job of holding down the fort. But Foles isn’t a guy that can singlehandedly win me football games. Vick, albeit old and battered, can still do that (in addition to losing some as well). Our offensive line is on point this year and healthy. If Vick can stay on his feet, I’m confident he can get the job done. Real confident.

Juan Castillo. Yeah, so he’s gone. Therefore, our defense is already going to be better.

LeDeSean McJackson. McCoy is due for a bounce-back season and 2 years ago was considered one of, if not, the best back in the game. DeSean is electrifying and has to have a big year since our other WR’s are a racist and Jason Avant.

I’m not going to any games this year. The Eagles have had two miserable seasons in a row. I’ve gone to a game both of those seasons. This year, it’s not happening. Additionally, the glow of watching games with my Dad this year creates wonderful possibilities. The last time I watched a season of football with my Dad, Miracles occured in the Meadowlands, Vick played like a young Gawd, and the Eagles were a few pieces away from being an actual Dream Team. But then I moved out and the rest was history.

my fantasy football teams.

my friends from home league (10 teams, 3 keepers, finished 3rd last year)

Quarterbacks – Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and Mike Vick (I couldn’t help it. I’m looking to trade one of these fools if possible).

Running Backs – Jamaal Charles, Isaac Redman, LaMichael James, Vick Ballard, and Bilal Powell (So yeah, this unit needs a lot of help. A lot. I need a fluke from this group to have a real shot).

Wide Receivers – Dwayne Bowe, T.Y. Hilton, Golden Tate, and Kenny Britt (solid group).

TE/K/Defense – Rob Gronkowski, Mercedes Lewis (ha!), Stephen Gostkowski, and Pittsburgh

My hope is that Gronkowski comes back in full force while I’m also able to aquire something of quality via Brady or Wilson. I look at my roster and shake my head, but for some reason, I have a very good feeling about these jerks. I feel like one of my WR’s is going to explode. If only one of my RB’s can.

my league filled with my black friends who talk way too much sh*t (12 teams)

Quarterbacks – Phillip Rivers and Alex Smith. (I was completely shell shocked when Vick, the guy I was holding out for was taken waaaay earlier than I thought. But I completely undervalued the fact that black people love Mike Vick. So yeah, my QB’s are a problem).

Running Backs – Doug Martin, Stevan Ridley, Lamar Miller, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Daniel Thomas (Yeah, so this group isn’t a problem).

Wide Receivers – Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Brown, Marques Colston, Kenny Britt, and Mohamed Sanu (Yeah, so this group also isn’t a problem).

TE/K/Defense – Jermaine Gresham, Blair Walsh, and the 49ers.

This team is sneaky good. My biggest issue is going to be the QB (there are some possibilities available via Free Agency) along with the “Oh damn, I wish I had put so-and-so in instead of blop-dee-poo. F*ck!” from my RB and WR positions. But such is life.

So what happens if my positive feelings of a successful real and fantasy football season don’t come true? Then at least I’ll know that my teams really do go hand in hand. I’ll keep you all posted on my fantasy success, meanwhile ESPN will be sure to keep their fingers of the pulse of the Birds. We know how they looooooove some Eagles drama. Let’s just hope the negative drama is over for once.

Let’s Go Birds!

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Labor Day And The End Of Summer.

I might be in the minority, but I don’t mind the end of summer. Fall is my favorite season of the year. The smell of the leaves is amazing. Football is back and creates for a great finale to every weekend. Sure, Labor Day also means that I have to get back to work, but if you haven’t noticed, I love work. I look forward to the new students I’ll get to teach along with the new challenges that I’ll face. New Years’ Eve is the day that most people choose to give their lives a reset or to create new goals. For me, it has always been Labor Day. I have big plans for the rest of my life, and this fall is another chance to get the wheels in motion!



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The Pool.

My place of summer employment. Forever empty. Forever alone.

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